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ElectriC-Violin by CJKC-Violin

The future of Electric Fiddler.com

Dear friend, dear visitor,

a couple of years ago I started this website with a lot of great intentions. As it often goes in life, other personal and professional activities started to take up my time, and those who visited this site regularly already know: I have almost no time left to maintain it and to do what is needed to keep this site alive.

Nevertheless I do believe that there is a need for projects like this. The site gets a fair amount of traffic and I keep getting emails from people with great suggestions. Since I like to spend my rare spare time playing music, I am looking for candidates to take over Electric Fiddler.com.

If you are interested send me a decent offer, including your plans with the website. The site can be taken over "as is", including the database and content. I am not in a hurry, so I only want tot consider an offer that convinces me that you have a positive plan with the site.

Alternatively, I am also open to people who don't want to take over the site but are just interested in helping me to maintain it (forum moderation, promote activity ...).

For everyone who is interested: mail me: electricfiddler AT kommisja DOT org.

Thanks for your support!